Hello there, I’m Craig Presti.

I like to get things done.

I’m based in the San Francisco Bay Area and spend much of my time meeting with companies in the field, often founders and/or senior technical people, understanding their needs and then guiding them onto the path of success on all of Microsoft’s latest and greatest platforms.

I have a fairly long history in the Virtual Worlds space that you can read about over here as well as recent experience managing teams building mobile apps on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) and of course lots of experience building them for myself!

The usual disclaimer applies to this site; all content within this represents my opinion and doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinion of my employer.

Hopefully you enjoy what you read here and find at least some of it useful.

Will the firstline worker help democratise mixed reality?

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered the term “firstline worker” – if like me, you were in the dark, there are more than 2 billion firstline workers that are loosely defined as “the first employees of your company that customers interact with”. Anyway, it turns out there are a bunch of firstline workers in … Continue reading Will the firstline worker help democratise mixed reality?